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Need to Know First Month

Starting a new job can be exciting — and sometimes overwhelming. As a VCH employee you (and family members) can access services and resources that promote health and wellness, both at work and at home. Opportunities for continued learning and career development are also available. Check out this module to discover more!


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Employee Wellness

Learning and
Career Development

Staying Connected & VCH Discounts

Health and Wellness

Employee Wellness (previously the Employee Family Assistance Program) offers a wide range of services which include confidential counselling and consultation services, 24/7 Critical Incident Stress Management debriefings, and customized team sessions as part of the ‘Taking Care of Me’ workshop series.

Employee Wellness is available to all VCH employees and dependents. Please take some time to explore the Employee Wellness site, available online and through the VCH intranet. You can also access the VGH Fitness & Wellness Centre on site at Vancouver General Hospital. Follow the link for location, and public and staff pricing.

Workability & Extended Leave

For long term leave the Workability team is your best resource. Workability can help get you back to health through various rehabilitation services such as a customized return to work plan if required. You may also contact VCH’s Employee Wellness office for counseling if your sickness relates to issues such as mental health, trauma, relationships, anxiety, and burnout.

VCH Library Services

Our VCH Library delivers the best possible information, resources, and services to support evidence-based practice, and clinical and strategic decision-making. Contact our Library Services to find out how they can help you in your practice.

Education and Development

VCH offers many opportunities for ongoing learning and career development:

Programs and courses

The Education and Development website on the VCH intranet lists programs and courses available to staff (as does


The LearningHub is open to all health care employees in BC. Explore the LearningHub for classroom and online courses to help build knowledge and skills in your own area of work.

Your Learning Plan

You can use the attached template to create your own customized Learning Plan, where you can track your progress towards your learning goals.

Careers at VCH

Looking for a new challenge? VCH has plenty of exciting employment opportunities. 

Internal job postings

Vancouver Coastal Health employees are encouraged to browse internal job postings and apply for jobs within our organization.


Refer-a-Friend is your opportunity to promote all the great things about working at Vancouver Coastal Health and get rewarded for doing so! This program aims to increase our outreach to local and national health care professionals, as well as find people who align with our core values of caring, learning, and striving for better results.

Recognition and Awards

VCH has several recognition programs and events which aim to highlight and celebrate the dedication and commitment of our staff, physicians, and volunteers. These include ways to acknowledge efforts in a timely way through peer-to-peer and leader-staff recognition.

Join the VCH Conversation


VCH has a thriving community of healthcare professionals who follow us on social media. Join the conversation and learn about VCH news, events, and career opportunities on VCH’s social media channels!

VCH News


Don’t miss out! Read VCH news to keep up-to-date with staff news and upcoming events. 

VCH Intranet


You’ll be able to access the VCH Intranet from any computer with internet. At work you’ll connect seamlessly. If you’re off-site or at home, you’ll also be able to connect by using your network login.

Discounts for VCH Employees


The VCH Employee Discount website provides easy access to a variety of special offers by local and internet merchants. New offers are posted as they arrive, so check back often!


Once you complete all modules in this ‘1st Month’ section, use the ‘Checklist‘ to make sure your progress is recorded.

Feel free to check back to the VCH Orientation Online site anytime during your onboarding journey!

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