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Alert/Behavioural Care Plan

Alert: An indicator that is placed on the patient’s chart/file that directs staff to look at a Behavioural Care Plan to identify the Targeted Behaviour, Triggers, and Interventions.

Emotional Crisis vs Behavioural Emergency

Emotional Crisis: A process during which a person’s coping skills and abilities are significantly challenged by a combination of internal and external events.

Behavioural Emergency: An acute situation when an individual is displaying behaviour that indicates there is imminent danger of serious harm or death to self or others.

Point-of-Care Risk Assessment

An assessment of risk for violence that any staff should conduct before and during any interaction with a person.

Risk Factor

What a person comes in with what is beyond a health care worker’s ability to change (past trauma, addiction, mental health).


Events or conditions that may add stress to a situation and impact the risk of violence. Conditions may be internal or external to that person (e.g. noise, wait times, confusing language). Staff often have some ability to change or reduce the impact of these stressors.