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Before 1st Day

1st Week

1st Month

As a new employee, the VCH Value: We are always learning gives me permission to ask questions without feeling that I have to know it all right away!

I’ve always felt supported at VCH through the constant care and support I’ve received from management and colleagues alike. Something really great about George Pearson Centre (GPC) is that although the work can be quite heavy, it is a happy workplace and the staff always find a reason to smile and laugh!

Jyotika, Licensed Practical Nurse, GPC

Our department has a willingness to innovate and improve patient care. Leadership includes all members of the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) Emergency Department (ED) team to participate and provide feedback on projects that streamline, and/or evaluate existing programs in an effort to improve our services – it really creates a good team dynamic.

Allan, Registered Nurse, VGH ED

I work daily with five other physiotherapists within the critical care team who are incredibly respectful, knowledgeable and willing to impart their advice to anyone who needs support.

Camille, Physiotherapist, VGH